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Working with you Makes us Feel Lucky!

April 6, 2018
Working with you makes us feel lucky!

Here at Schmooz we have the great pleasure of getting to do what we love every single day. This privilege is made that much sweeter by how amazing our clients are, and how happy they make us when they share their satisfaction with our work. We asked the Schmooz team to share some moments where clients have made them feel awesome for doing a great job!

Here are some of the things that have made us feel great!

“Whenever a client relays comments that are said about their graphics, whether it’s from a client or another member of their team, it’s a good feeling,” says Graphic Designer and Content Creator Julien. “However, I remember when a client personally thanked me for their graphics during a meeting. That was nice!”

Amanda, a member of our writing team, says “it felt really nice that a client at Schmooz was using my work as an example for future projects.”

“I have a client who went out of her way to send me an email that was solely about how much they appreciated my work and said some very encouraging words,” says Content Creator and Researcher Susan. “It was so sweet and really made me feel great.”

Web Developer and Designer Andrew says, “when clients go out of their way to talk about the work that you’ve done for them, that’s a really special thing. They don’t need to talk about who helped them with their new website or design, but it feels good knowing that they’re that proud of the work.

We love what we do, but it’s moments like these that make the job a dream!

At Schmooz Media, we understand that customers are your best brand ambassadors. That’s why we’re excited to create custom social media marketing strategies for small businesses, and take advantage of what their customers are already saying on social media.

Schmooz Media is a Full Service Social Media Marketing Business, helping small-mid size businesses get the most social ROI possible. We’re passionate about giving your business actionable, measurable and meaningful results. Learn more about what Schmooz can do for you, or contact us with your inquiries today.

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