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Why Social Selling Is the New Way to Maintain & Build Business Relationships

February 15, 2017

Everything that you share on social media makes up your identity online – the voice that people identify you with and the trust they build with you. Intended or not, you are taking part in “social selling” – where the focus isn’t just on the idea or product, but the person or people behind it as well. The best way to understand the term is to emphasize the ‘social’ aspect of it more than ‘selling’.

If you’re doing “social selling” right, then the sale is what happens along the way!

It’s using your social media outlets (some more than others) to establish and maintain relationships, from interacting with and sharing a blog post from another business, to even a short reply on an Instagram picture.

Why and how does social selling work?

1. It creates opportunities for digital interaction
Using the proper rhetoric in your content (captions and hashtags!) can give the right impression to your audience. Instead of posting promotions and value propositions to your audience, you’re providing them with something of value.

2. It gives cohesion to your brand
Having tailored visual content from photographs, videos and graphics can make your social media memorable. It can demonstrate qualities about you and your business that you want others to know. Are you reliable? Persistent? Creative? Direct?

3. It allows you to have fun while maintaining lasting relationships
Try not to miss a chance to interact online, be responsive and approachable. Try to openly share posts that you’re excited about from other fellow businesses, and get a conversation going amongst your network!

Give your customers a clear idea about who you are as a person and as a business, and what is important to you.

We like to think of social selling as networking. It’s exciting because your social media platforms are a bridge between you and the customers. Your business and your team become more memorable and familiar, so that when they meet you in person or decide to buy your product with you, everything lines up. Your actions align with the perception they already had in their minds about your brand.

Have any social selling success stories? Share with us in the comments below!

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