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What’s After Instagram?

September 12, 2018
What's After Instagram?

Do you have room in your life for more time dedicated to social media? Given that the average user spends 53 minutes per day on Instagram, chances are you answered that question ‘no.’ However, let’s jog your memory back to 2011 when Facebook was seemingly the only name in the game, and your answer to that question was probably no different. What gives?

Though on the surface it may seem as though we are fulfilled with what is available to us socially, there is an underlying constant desire for more, for what’s next. So that begs the question, what’s next?


  1. Video Content

    As is already apparent in the heavy user engagement on Instagram Stories, video content is more popular and necessary than ever. The number of people consuming Instagram Stories surpassed that of Snapchat within just one year of its launch. We’re quick to give credit where credit is due. Stories live at the top of your Instagram feed making them conveniently hard to miss.

    An app that already gave users insight into the brands, celebrities and influencers is further breaking down walls. Stories feed into the need for more, more, and more on social media. Setting a time limit on how long Stories can be viewed creates a sense of urgency amongst users and we can expect to see the trend toward video content continue.

  1. Generation Z

    If anyone were able to predict the social future, my guess would be on a Generation Z’er (those born in the mid-1990’s or later). No surprises there, given that this generation is more likely to be influenced by social media than they are by sales and discounts. Note that this is the only generation that puts a higher value on social than deals. Look no further; this is the generation that’ll determine what comes next.

    We can expect a trend towards social becoming the chosen point-of-purchase amongst users. After all, Generation Z is twice as likely to convert on social.  Brands are already factoring this into their approach. Tommy Hilfiger unveiled its Fall collection in a “see now, buy now” fashion, which incorporated social to allow fashion show attendees to purchase on the spot.

  1. Social Media Messaging

    While this might not be a new concept (it’s already taken off overseas), Social Media messaging is something of which we have yet to scratch the surface. Accessibility is a common theme in the social stratosphere so we can anticipate brands to shift their focus to messaging platforms in the future.

    More and more purchasers are Millennials and Generation Z. There is an overwhelming preference amongst these younger generations to communicate via social media. Gone are the days where we just picked up the phone. Even email no longer suffices. Social messaging is just how these consumers are getting what they want when they want it. The only thing that’s lacking on social platforms, however, is the sophistication to properly communicate with their consumers. Artificial intelligence, for example, will create a more customized shopping experience and a more efficient way for brands to convert their users to customers.

  1. Digital Hangouts

    I’ll be the first to admit that my first thought when exploring digital hangouts was, “huh?” (Maybe I’m just showing my age). Personal feelings aside, digital hangouts are picking up steam in the social world.

    The current leader in this space is an app called “Houseparty” that has already garnered more than 20 million users who spent 51 minutes on average per session. The differentiator? Their ability for users to see who’s ‘around,’ a.k.a. also at their laptops and available to chat. Time zones, hectic schedules, work demands, you name it. There are endless things that prevent us from keeping in touch with friends. However, Houseparty encourages more casual conversations simply by letting you know your friend is around.

    Apple quickly picked up on this and announced group FaceTime chats that will allow up to 32 participants on one video call (Apple recently announced the launch would be delayed to September). They’re not alone. WhatsApp launched its own video-calling feature; Facebook Messenger supports video chats and, of course, there is always Skype. Look to see brands incorporate digital hangouts in their social strategies.

As the world around us constantly evolves socially, we’re certainly kept on our toes. One theme that is clearly underlined, however, is that social is just beginning to whet our appetites. We can anticipate the future to be focused on sharpening communication, connection and content creation. Move over Millennials; Generation Z is paving the social path from here on out.


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