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What It’s Like to Work at Schmooz Media!

April 6, 2018
What it’s like to work at Schmooz Media

When you’re out at a social event, people often ask questions about your job and interests. We decided to learn a little bit more about the Schmooz team, and find out how they answered the all-important question:

Why did you decide to work at Schmooz?

Here’s what the team told us:

“I decided to work at Schmooz Media because I really like our team, and what we do. We’re here for businesses, big and small, and provide support however and whenever they need it. I like working at Schmooz Media because every day is different, because of our variety of clients, and they have such different needs.” – Julien

“I was looking to take on some new freelance work, and a friend who works for Schmooz recommended them highly. It was hearing about how well everyone worked together and the strong team dynamic that really drew me in.” – Ariel

“There seems to be an understanding that we share, not just of how to work, but how to operate and do business, and that’s important to me whether it’s a small job or a big one.”-  Andrew

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer and started looking for opportunities to freelance. I met Zoe (the President of Schmooz) by pure happenstance, and after we shared our mutual love for social media marketing, she gave me that chance. My first assignment was a blog for Schmooz followed by creating social posts for a client. Since then, I’ve continued honing my skills as a copywriter and have enjoyed every minute since.” – Amanda

“I really responded to Zoe’s vision of Schmooz. A place for creativity and excellence, where everyone works together to ensure the very best work is being done. I was excited to be offered opportunities to expand my skill set in a dynamic workspace. I also appreciated how Zoe understood that life/work balance, and as a freelancer, what expectations would be put on my time were very clear and succinct.” – Susan  

Do you love your job and where you work? Let us know what makes your team so wonderful!

At Schmooz Media, we understand that customers are your best brand ambassadors. That’s why we’re excited to create custom social media marketing strategies for small businesses, and take advantage of what their customers are already saying on social media.

Schmooz Media is a Full Service Social Media Marketing Business, helping small-mid size businesses get the most social ROI possible. We’re passionate about giving your business actionable, measurable and meaningful results. Learn more about what Schmooz can do for you, or contact us with your inquiries today.

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