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The Two Things Most of Us Are in Life: “We’re Either Busy or We’re Worried”

February 11, 2016
busy worried

Today, when I was chatting with a contractor who is helping us with some home repairs, he said to me, “Zoe, how are you today? How’s business?” We smiled at each other – that all knowing smile. “Business…” I replied “…is busy…not that I’m complaining!”

In one of those perfect moments that seem to stand still, he simply said: “We’re either busy or we’re worried, right?”

I was struck by this thought all day long today, and felt the need to share it. How many of you agree with this? As business owners or employees, we’re often encompassed by feelings of stress for one reason or another, but often the reasons fall into one of these two categories:

1. Too many things are happening

2. Nothing is happening

Today, in the midst of all the somethings and the nothings of this stressful day, I am grateful for the people who understand this dichotomy. Whether you are there to catch my typos, help me get organized when I’m too busy, or calm my worries when it feels like nothing will happen, thank you.

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