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Website Lingo 101

June 28, 2017
Website Lingo 101

So you’re thinking about making a website, but aren’t quite sure where to start or even what certain website building terms mean.

Don’t worry – it’s a learning process for anyone! Creating a website is a great way to get a social media reach and to build an online identity. Here are a few key terms that will help you understand some important aspects of creating a website.

Web Hosting

A web host is a service that stores the pages of your website. It allows your website to be accessible from any computer with internet access. Think of it like the home of your website – where it lives. There are many different web hosting services, such as WordPress, Wix, or SquareSpace, that offer many different hosting packages, so the most important step is finding one that is most beneficial to your business! Web hosting typically costs a small fee every month.

Domain Names

The domain name is the ‘address’ of your website, as an example, it might look something like this:


Usually, web hosts will have a default domain name that is often associated with the web hosting service, such as:


Most web hosts can provide a domain name without their association, but you can also purchase a domain name of your own through domain registration websites like GoDaddy, Fused, or CIRA. Having a distinct domain name of your own solidifies your online presence and gives your current or potential clientele an easy way to find you or your business.


Here comes the fun part! A website theme makes sure there is a consistent overall look and colour palette throughout your whole website. Make sure to choose a theme that represents you and your business well! The options you’ll have will vary from hosting service to hosting service, but there’s almost certainly a theme out there that will suit your needs.

Website Lingo 101

Hope these terms help you out! Are there any other words that you have a hard time with? Let us know in the comment section below!

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