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TechTO July Roundup!

August 2, 2018

Summertime is busy for us Schmoozers and last month was no exception. We had the privilege of attending TechToronto’s July event where we were able to schmooze with and learn from Toronto’s tech founders. Didn’t have a chance to join us there? We have you covered.

As always we aim to maintain a finger on the pulse and to keep our readers right there with us every step of the way. TechTO’s July event featured talks from Muneeb Mushtaq, CEO of AskforTask, Mark Ang, Co-Founder & CEO of Second Closet, Elias Torres, Founder & CTO of Drift, Nancy Peterson, Founder & CEO of HomeStars.

We came home with the following key takeaways:

1. Read… a lot!

First up featured a talk from Elias Torres who stressed the importance of reading. Refreshing to say the least. In a day where reading seems more a lost art than the norm, it’s easy to forget just how much value is available at the tips of our fingers, literally. Thank you Elias for the reminder!

Watching his co-founder seemingly always know just what to do, it took Elias years to realize that just about everything was inspired by something his co-founder had read in a book.

Instead of working your side hustle outside of work, Elias suggests using that time to read more. Drift’s entire founding team now has to read: “Playing to Win,” “The Everything Store” and “Home Handyman.” Be right back, just heading to the bookstore. 

2. Give, Give, Give and then Get

Do you ever feel like you’re on the receiving end of a nice gesture only so the giver can receive something in return? Well that’s just Muneeb Mushtaq’s point. That’s not so genuine, is it? Stop focusing on what (or how much) will be reciprocated, give more and give more freely. You’ll notice how much more authentic giving can be when nothing is expected back.

Oh and before you hit play on that new season of Orange is the New Black, give Netflix a break. There are more valuable things you can do with your time. 

3. Be Authentic

Speaking of authenticity, Homestars is going above and beyond to ensure that reviews posted to their site are genuine. While it’s great that we have a forum to speak openly about our experiences, it does beg the question of what motivates these references.

Nancy Peterson drove home the point that Homestars actively moderates any incoming reviews and manages every party that would have an incentive to skew a review. This applies to both suppliers and consumers.

4. Do the work yourself

Even C-level executives aren’t immune from working from the ground up. Mark Ang shared his experience in starting his own business having little-to-no experience.

The result? Because he did all the work himself (including folding boxes to be exact), he now has the ability to better empathize with the team. He had been in each of their shoes at one point or another. Doing the work yourself isn’t just a way to get things done the way you want but also a great way to build a stronger team.

Be sure to check back for insights from future events!

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