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July 12, 2019

Are you looking for a software technology partner capable of transforming your strategy into reality? Or perhaps you need to provide a high level of privacy and security to your data without compromising accessibility? Or maybe your product needs an amazing user experience combined with high-quality implementation and outstanding support?

Then we’d like to introduce you to SunBeez; your coding specialist. With a wide variety of experience in various industries, they have worked with companies in the healthcare, financial, real estate, logistics, and hospitality sectors. This means they have a tremendous of experience that includes being HIPAA and PHIPA compliant, working within financial systems architectures, building virtual tour systems for the real-estate market, and developing a deep understanding of the travel industry.

What makes this company so agile? They are a relatively young company comprised of ambitious, seasoned professionals combining a diverse set of industry experience and backgrounds. This 20 years of experience delivering cutting edge end-to-end technology solutions to enterprise-level as well as small to medium-sized businesses, places SunBeez in a singular position of being able to help customers creating industry-leading products that go beyond a single technology or industry.

SunBeez prides itself on excellent customer satisfaction, communication, solution quality and speed to market. When you work with SunBeez you can rest assured they will go above and beyond to help your business connect the dots, bridge the gaps, and harvest the results of your success.

While based in the North American tech-hub of Toronto, SunBeez caters to clients across the globe. They offer speedy, direct engagement with their customers, and work hard to develop a deep understanding of the local markets and industry standards for each of their clients. When you combine a strong engineering culture and an affordable solution, you get SunBeez.

Schmooz is proud to partner with SunBeez as a Gold sponsor for #5chmooz, Schmooz Media’s fifth-anniversary party. Interested in mingling with the brilliant minds behind SunBeez? We’d love to see you at Ryerson University’s DMZ on June 18th! Get in touch with Chief Executive Schmoozer Zoe Share at to be added to the guestlist.

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