Our Services

From Strategic Social Media Planning to Seamless Implementation, Schmooz can be there for your business every step of the way.

Content Marketing

We are a top notch content development group. We create well written, impactful and meaningful content for your blogs, websites, newsletters, welcome letters, customer media blasts, direct mail, and social platforms.

Analyzing Social Impact

We do a full analysis of your competition's social media strategy, and benchmark you against competition. Whether you want more inquiries, go viral, or you want to engage with your already blossoming community, we will make every service goal-oriented and results driven.

Social Media Strategy and Development

Our services are flexible enough to be tailored to your needs. Whether you need someone to swoop in and do everything from interviews, to content writing, to social media posting, management, monitoring OR you just want someone to tell you where to begin, Schmooz Media is your best bet.

Community Management

Schmooz acts as the online word-of-mouth and communications expert in your company, to make sure you're getting the feedback from your customers that you need to keep your business successful. We are happy to interview your customers, employees, and vendors to generate social media, blog and newsletter content with a genuine human touch.

Brand Reputation Management

Our team can manage your social media content posting and interactions for you, then provide reports and updates on how your social media plan is doing. We can also work with you to test new marketing strategies and provide insight as to which ones are the most effective for your target audience. We are creative, motivated and excited to represent you.

Employee Training & Workshop Facilitation

We provide training on how to use social media platforms, and can assist you in getting you and your team up to speed in managing your social media portfolio. This training can be one-on-one or in workshop form!

Your Marketing Department For Hire

Whether you're a small business or a large company, outsourcing your content marketing to Schmooz is a great option. Don't know whether to hire someone full time or outsource to freelancers? Need someone to fill the gap? Get the best of both worlds with Schmooz!

Not sure what you’re looking for?

Schmooz Media will provide guidance on which platforms, and what content fits your business needs.
Ask for a Social Media Analysis to get you started.