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Online Reputation Management

January 18, 2019

Are negative search results impacting your business?

Your online reputation is very important in 2019. More and more customers are finding businesses online through Google or social media channels. You run the risk of losing potential clients if your brand has negative reviews and articles online.. which is where reputation management comes in.

At Schmooz, we like to begin with an initial analysis of your web presence, and then create a plan to either remedy a negative image or further boost a positive one.

This plan can vary significantly depending on your profile. We could recommend a wide range of marketing strategies including search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, web development and more.

Typically, we would tailor the following activities to help you manage your brands’ needs:

  • Maintaining an active social media presence
    Being on the social media platforms relevant to your business is important in order to be found where potential customers are looking for your service or product. Is it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google? We need to leave a positive impression no matter where they are searching for you!
  • Creating content
    It’s an important piece of the project. From blogs, business articles, to social media posts – we assess what’s most valuable to your business and create positive content to override any negative posts on the web.
  • Review management
    This is an online reputation game changer. Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, which is why it’s important to make sure your business is gaining positive reviews, If you happen to get a negative comment or feedback online, it’s vital to know the best way to productively respond to them.
  • Training
    Brand reputation management is not something to fix one time…as we said earlier, it’s about maintaining a great output of content and positive community experiences/testimonials. We aren’t Schmoozers unless we give you the tools to empower your company to understand how to DIY. This educational component to train your team on the best way to handle negative content helps us achieve something we love – our clients adapting to use some of these tools themselves, and walk away more informed about their business…. and more!

Pricing and the length of the project vary depending on the exact plan we come up for your business. At Schmooz, we also like to learn as we go – giving you and our team the flexibility to adapt to get the best results possible. After all, when you see success, so we do!

Have more questions? Get in touch with us!

Schmooz Media is a Full-Service Social Media Marketing Business, helping small-mid size businesses get the most social ROI possible. We’re passionate about giving your business actionable, measurable and meaningful results. Learn more about what Schmooz can do for you, or contact us with your inquiries today.

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