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On the Sweeter Side of the Street

April 6, 2018
On the Sweeter Side of the Street

So often we talk about the seriousness of running and marketing a business. However, we think it’s equally as important to look at the sweeter side of things. Since ice cream weather is fast approaching, we wanted to indulge in something fluffy, light, and fun. So we chatted with the Schmoozers about some of their favourite desserts!

Graphic Designer and Content Creator Julien tells us that she likes “strawberry shortcake because it’s light and fruity!” Sounds delicious!

Writer Ariel tells us that her “favourite dessert is a bit of a tie. My mom makes this ridiculous dulce de leche cheesecake, and my great aunt makes a killer dulce de leche flan. We’re Argentinian Polish, so dulce de leche is a dietary mainstay!”

Other members of the Schmooz team have different dessert preferences based on the time of year. “In the summer,” says Writer Amanda, “I always want to end my meal with a slice of key lime pie. In winter, I prefer a decadent creme brulee.”

President of Schmooz Media, Zoe, has a few weaknesses herself in the sweets department; “While I usually prefer salty snacks, there is no bad day that can’t be fixed with sour keys.”

Even Content Creator and Researcher Susan, who says she’s “not a huge sweets person,” loves “anything lemon flavoured (pie, tarts, etc.),” and has also “just discovered black sesame ice cream.”

Web Developer and designer Andrew has an affinity for “Chocolate, pretty much in all its forms.” If he had to choose one dessert, he’d choose “a chocolate layer cake with a mix of dark and white chocolate ganache. There is something so satisfying about the mix of white and dark chocolate with a fluffy cake.”

Here at Schmooz we work hard, but we play hard, too. And what better way to reward yourself than with your favourite dessert? Whether it’s a traditional family recipe, candy from the corner store, something bright and fruity, or your favourite scoop of ice cream, it’s important to indulge once in a while! What are some of your favourite desserts?

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