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On Difficult Clients

April 6, 2018
On Difficult Clients

Whether you run your own business or work for another company, once in a while you’re bound to encounter unpleasant client experiences. These bad vibes can happen for a variety of reasons; perhaps it’s because of a mismatch in vision from the beginning; or a miscommunication during the development or execution of a project. No matter the reason, these difficult situations are tough for everyone involved.

Thanks to the Schmoozers’ insights, here are four ways to avoid having a difficult client situation.

1. Make a clear work plan from the beginning: “I’ve observed that a project gets the most back and forth when we don’t have clear instructions to start,” says Julien “The more specific and concise a client is with their instructions, the easier it is to achieve the same vision.” You can help your client establish clear guidelines for the project by getting as much information from them as possible from the very beginning. Ask the right questions, and a floodgate of useful notes will come out.

2. Leave wiggle room for changes: It can also be challenging when clients are extremely specific about what they want. That tends to mean that there is no room for flexibility. Part of having success in building an online presence is being able to roll with the punches and make adjustments. “Sometimes, the best things happen when we give things a try and learn from them,” explains Schmooz President, Zoe Share. Explaining this from the beginning can open clients up to the possibility of change, and the rewards that can come from flexibility.

3. Manage budget expectations: Things can be made difficult when a client becomes aggressive with their feedback, especially when a project has a low budget, and must be done in as little time as possible. Worse still is when they blame you for wasting time when you are putting forth your best effort. Outlining precise costs, what items are or are not included in a work order, and what extra requirements may cost should things demand more time, energy, or resources is vital.

4. Communicate clearly and concisely: One of the biggest obstacles you may face with a client is understanding one another. Sometimes it can be difficult to explain complicated problems to a client, resulting in a breakdown of communication. This may cause them to shut down, and feel unwilling to work towards a better solution to the issue at hand. Keeping the lines of communication as clear and concise as possible may help prevent this breakdown from happening altogether, and facilitate a more harmonious collaborative effort.  

Sometimes difficulties are inevitable when trying to bring someone else’s vision to life. However, with clear, concise, and transparent communication, successfully managed expectations, and just the right amount of flexibility, even the trickiest of client collaborations can run smoothly.

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