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Mind Blowing Social Media

October 10, 2018
Mind Blowing Social Media

Many of us Schmoozers are part of the social media generation, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get fazed by it all. It’s fun, and it’s fascinating.

Let’s face it: social media breathes life into businesses. But it’s the idiosyncrasies of this ever-evolving platform that never cease to amaze us. So we caught up with the Schmooz team to get to know what most blows their minds about what they’ve recently learned of social media.

Senior Strategist Laura references the recent Facebook controversy and its ability to put things in perspective: “It’s not a very new idea, but with all the news about Facebook and privacy and stocks dropping, it’s so important to think of social media marketing in context. Just like similar forms of media in the past, social media will have, and arguably is having its rise and fall.”

It’s important to remember that there was once life before social media and there will again be life afterwards! It is, however, up to us to maximize the platforms available. She continues, “What Schmooz does for our clients is not only keep them on top of what is happening but sees social media marketing as a way to reach business goals. Social is a means to reach something and should never just exist for the sake of existing – there’s already way too much noise out there!”

There’s a reason, however, that social media still holds such a large market share. Leave it to the app developers to take on the intimidating task of keeping users interested in a social platform long after it has launched.

That’s exactly what Schmooz founder Zoe acknowledged: “What never fails to amaze me is how quickly the algorithms on social media change, as well as how frequently some social platforms introduce new filters, features, extensions and plug-ins. The demand is certainly there, but things are changing all the time.” From videos to instant messaging and, most recently, IGTV, Instagram alone has produced well over 50 versions of the app in the eight years since its launch.

While Instagram is constantly undergoing updates, Graphic Designer & Content Creator, Julien, who watches a lot of YouTube, noticed the same could be said for the video platform. “The mobile player now supports full-screen vertical videos.” She doesn’t “have to squint or turn [her] head weirdly at [her] phone as much anymore.” High fives to the YouTube team!

And then there is the fascination with the financial implications of social media. Mina, Schmooz’s Director of Operations, is quick to note that “many purchasing decisions are made only after a company’s social media website is screened.” In many cases, social media is the first point of contact a brand has with its potential customer.

Social selling has become its own subset wherein salespeople communicate directly with prospective customers through social media. Companies use this to provide insight (i.e. answering questions) and build relationships leading up to and encouraging the point of purchase.

What fascinates you most about social media?


At Schmooz Media, we understand that customers are your best brand ambassadors. That’s why we’re excited to create custom social media marketing strategies for small businesses, and take advantage of what their customers are already saying on social media.

Schmooz Media is a Full-Service Social Media Marketing Business, helping small-mid size businesses get the most social ROI possible. We’re passionate about giving your business actionable, measurable and meaningful results. Learn more about what Schmooz can do for you, or contact us with your inquiries today.


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