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Meet Gold Panelist Jessica Cheung of HelloCondo!

July 12, 2019

Schmooz Media is proud to welcome Jessica Cheung of HelloCondo as a gold panelist at the 5 year Schmooz Anniversary Party! 

HelloCondo is co-founded by Jessica Cheung, who will be featured at our panel session. Based on a family legacy of over 30 years of preconstruction relationships and sales in the GTA, HelloCondo is a go-to real estate team for all the puzzle pieces that make up your purchase of a pre-construction condo. They educate, guide, and support you, so you can build both wealth and home!

Not only has Jessica been able to learn a lot from years of seeing her family business grow and change, she has been working tirelessly to build HelloCondo. Jessica is a great leader that we can all learn a lot from – she is positive, tenacious and honest. Moreover, she is one smart lady with a lot of expertise, and she also knows how to find great resources. We have been so impressed by watching her growth – Jessica is open and transparent in her personal and business practices – she shares her vulnerabilities and creates content that adds value and that her audience really relates to.  

In a real estate market that is becoming increasingly more expensive and less attainable, Jessica aims to be professional and accessible to investors, first time home buyers and clients hoping to find their dream preconstruction condo unit.

Jessica and the HelloCondo team have hit a lot of milestones in a short period of time, from coming up with the name and branding, to launching many amazing condo development units through custom websites (all centralized around Jessica has built a community on social media, working hard with the HelloCondo team (and with the Schmooz team helping out from time to time ;) ) to build meaningful relationships with people who are interested in her brand. She has created a large list of potential customers, selected and implemented a CRM system, a newsletter tool, and of course, does a lot of hard work following up with sales calls.

Schmooz is proud to partner with Jessica as a Gold Panelist for #5chmooz, Schmooz Media’s fifth-anniversary party. Interested in mingling with the brilliant mind behind Hello Condo? We’d love to see you at Ryerson University’s DMZ on June 18th! Get in touch with Chief Executive Schmoozer Zoe Share at to be added to the guestlist.

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