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Making A Website: The Essentials

June 15, 2017
Making A Website: The Essentials

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ve been on a website before that’s broken or difficult to navigate. It’s confusing and can be downright infuriating! From a business point of view, a complicated website is a missed opportunity to get new clients.

So how do you make a website that’s helpful rather than a handful? Remember that you have the duration of a quick click to make an impression. If there’s one thing that will always keep clientele on your website, it’s content – both written and visual!

Here’s a short list of the most important things to have on any site:

A Good Home Page

The most important question when designing a home page is: what do you want people to do with your website? The key to an effective home page is having a clear intent. The home page is the visitor’s initial impression of your brand online, and you get one shot to tell them what to do. It helps to have the right images and concise words that highlight what your business does.

About Us

Give your clients and customers some insight about the people behind the business – for many small to mid-sized businesses, people like to see that there are people (or a person) behind the brand! This can be done through an image and a short biography to showcase your experience and capabilities (and increase SEO!). If there’s an interesting story behind the business, put it on your website. Think about what makes you different, and give site visitors a reason to trust you.


Having space for a blog on your website will complement that About Us section. They can get to know you through writing. Especially now that they know your story, they can follow along your journey. A blog is not only a place to update your clientele with what’s going on, but it shows what sort of recent events and general interests that are important to your brand. A blog is also essential to make your website search-engine friendly, meaning that it’s more visible when people are searching for something related to your services or offerings.

Contact Us

This section is your digital business card. It should have all the different ways people can reach you. Make it easy for them to get in touch – and emphasize the best way to contact you. For example, if you prefer communicating via the phone, make sure your phone number stands out, and add a “click to call” button when possible.

In brief, your website should be easy to navigate, and should be able to guide your clientele to what they’re looking for. It doesn’t need to be fancy – just clear. Hopefully these elements will help you make a resourceful foundation for your website.

Do you need help creating a clear and simple website? Get in touch today!

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