How supporting local business supports your community

May 11, 2016

We love supporting local businesses in an increasingly competitive market. Here at Schmooz, that’s the name of our game! But why do we care about ensuring the success of local commerce? Because when local businesses thrive, so does our community.

Of course, we recommend that small businesses (even fictional ones!) take the plunge into social media. This is a great way to expose a brand to a wider audience, increase customer loyalty and grow demand for a niche product.


But why should we, as consumers, support local businesses? Sure, we (myself included) love the odd splurge at a fast fashion outlet, but deep down we know that by shopping local we’re supporting the communities we love. Here’s how:

Foster unique communities

Every local business is different and has a unique imprint on the community it serves. Some of our favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto were shaped by the commerce that developed there, like Kensington Market, Little Italy and Queen Street West.

Grow innovation

We love watching businesses grow and expand as they meet the needs of their ever-changing customers. As these needs change, local businesses have an incentive to innovate to meet them. Or better yet, anticipate those needs before their clients!

Create an immediate impact

When you shop at a local business, you’re not just helping their company grow and prosper, you’re likely helping your neighbour, too. Local shop owners and their employees are often residents of the communities they serve. And when they see business boom that has a positive economic impact on where we live.

Remember this the next time you’re deciding between that buying something at the local shop or the big box store. The choices we make about how and what we buy has an impact on our community’s economic health and long-term sustainability. As the old saying goes: we vote with our wallet. Turns out, our wallet can be force for a lot of good!


Schmooz Media is a Full Service Social Media Marketing Business, helping small-mid size businesses get the most social ROI possible. We’re passionate about giving your business actionable, measurable and meaningful results. Learn more about what Schmooz can do for you, or contact us with your inquiries today.

Lauren Raham is a Marketing Assistant and the newest member of the Schmooz team.

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