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Futurpreneur Blog Roundup (Part 2/2)

April 10, 2018
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Futurpreneur is a national non-profit organization that helps provide young Canadian entrepreneurs with the financing, mentorship, and tools necessary to succeed. A Futurpreneur herself, founder of Schmooz and Chief Executive Schmoozer Zoe Share was invited to write a series of guest blogs for their site. In them, Zoe shares some of her wisdom on how female entrepreneurs can charge appropriately for their services, getting organized for the dreaded Tax Season, and how to develop a content calendar to help better understand your social impact.

Female Entrepreneurs: Are You Charging Enough For Your Services?

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In this blog, Zoe goes into detail about how female entrepreneurs can ask for what they’re worth, and quickly monetize their business in an effective and efficient way. When starting out, Zoe suggests offering discounted rates for a set number of customers, or to offer your services in exchange for others such as promotions, referrals, or content creation. Ultimately it’s most important to be clear about your expectations of yourself and your business, to set goals that are attainable, and to be up-front with your clients.

Find the full piece and all of Zoe’s advice to female entrepreneurs here.


Tax Season Tips For Business Owners Who Hate Tax Season

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It’s a rare person indeed who enjoys tax season. So for the rest of us, Zoe has compiled a list of tips on how to survive tax season for the non-mathematically inclined. From keeping your receipts detailed and organized and being meticulous about your invoices, to hiring an accountant, our head Schmoozer’s got you covered! Don’t lose your mind because of taxes. Follow Zoe’s tips and tricks and you’ll make your life a whole lot easier this tax season.

You can find the full blog here.


Developing A Content Calendar That Will Help You Understand Your Social Input

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Content calendars are an essential part of any business’s social media strategy. In this blog, Zoe suggests what tools to use, how to organize your calendar, and how best to keep track of growth and engagement. With helpful tips on colour coding, how best to optimize your tracking sheets, and how to bolster community engagement, you’ll be crafting expert content calendars for your business in no time.  

You can find the full blog and all of Zoe’s wonderful advice here.

Futurpreneur is a great resource for budding entrepreneurs. Be sure to check out all their site has to offer in terms of mentoring, resources, and inspiration.

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