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Futurpreneur Blog Roundup (Part 1/2)

April 10, 2018
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Futurpreneur is a national non-profit organization that helps provide young Canadian entrepreneurs with the financing, mentorship, and tools necessary to succeed. A Futurpreneur herself, founder of Schmooz and Chief Executive Schmoozer Zoe Share was invited to write a series of guest blogs for their site. In them, Zoe shares her list of the best social media tools on a budget, gives insight into social media influencers and brand ambassadors, and explains how you can engage your community in different ways around the holidays.

Tools For Social Media Marketing On A Budget

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Social media is an integral part of any brand or business’s success. But if you’re a small business with an even smaller budget, it can be hard to navigate how best to optimize your social media presence. In this blog, Zoe listed off some of the best tools of the trade that are ideal for a brand on a budget! For social management, look no further than Hootsuite to view timelines and interactions, post updates, and schedule future posts to a variety of platforms. But sometimes email works better! Services like Mail Chimp can help you craft professional, engaging newsletters to send to your mailing lists and keep your community up to date.

Graphic design is an integral part of any business’ success, but can be quite costly. For design solutions on a budget, Canva’s got you covered! And last but certainly not least, for unmatched Instagram analytics, look no further than Iconosquare.

Find the full list with all of Zoe’s advice and price points here.

Referrals, Brand Ambassador Programs and Influencers

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In this blog, Zoe’s written about word-of-mouth gone digital with Influencer Marketing, a way for people to recommend brands or businesses through social media to lend credibility and reliability to new or as-yet undiscovered brands or businesses. Zoe suggests that the first and best place to look for influencer marketing is within your client base by talking to them, asking their opinions, and listening to their feedback. You can partner with brands or companies that already have large social media followings, or try reaching out to industry blogs related to yours to write guest posts and collaborate on other projects.

You can find the full piece here.

Valentines Day on Social Media: The Best Ideas for Small Businesses:

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In this blog, Zoe explains why Valentines Day is the perfect time to show and share some love to your online community, and not just to couples! For instance, it’s a great time to offer a referral program or to run promotions which can help grow your business. Pay it forward to local charities through social media by sharing donations in exchange for community engagement. Don’t forget to show your team some love by including them in your community appreciation, or launch an ambassador program.

You can find the full blog and all of Zoe’s lovely suggestions here!

Futurpreneur is a great resource for budding entrepreneurs. Be sure to check out all their site has to offer in terms of mentoring, resources, and inspiration.

At Schmooz Media, we understand that customers are your best brand ambassadors. That’s why we’re excited to create custom social media marketing strategies for small businesses, and take advantage of what their customers are already saying on social media.

Schmooz Media is a Full Service Social Media Marketing Business, helping small-mid size businesses get the most social ROI possible. We’re passionate about giving your business actionable, measurable and meaningful results. Learn more about what Schmooz can do for you, or contact us with your inquiries today.

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