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Case Study: Marketing Agency Helps Summer Camp Revamp Website & Social Media to Reach Parents

March 1, 2017


Carrie and her daughter Sylvia own and operate a summer camp that runs out of Northern Ontario each summer. Throughout the rest of the year, they are based in Toronto, which is where the large majority of their campers are from. They love running the camp and, despite only having campers for 3 months of the year, are kept busy with getting amazing opportunities organized for the next years.


With more and more competition on the horizon, Carrie and Sylvia had been seeing a decrease in camper numbers in the last several years. After discussing their dwindling numbers with another marketing firm, they became suspicious that the results they were getting weren’t really the right results. “Shouldn’t the phone be ringing?” they asked themselves. Carrie and Sylvia understood that they needed to get a new message out there, but didn’t know how to reach parents or how to change their messaging.


Sylvia often kept in touch with campers from the 90s and 00s on Facebook, and one of them shared a congratulations to another friend who had just started a digital marketing agency. After doing some clicking around, Sylvia decided to give Schmooz a call – the fact that Schmooz was also a local small business appealed to her, and she liked the organic feeling of hearing about them through someone who was connected with the camp. After a phone call, Schmooz told Sylvia that they understood the delicate issue of how to position a higher price point – by highlighting the amazing specialized programs offered only by the camp.

Schmooz conducted UX testing on the camp’s website, recommending and implementing changes that made it easier for parents (the website users) to sign up for the camp. Schmooz also recommended a strategic outreach campaign in order to get happy campers and parents discussing their experiences with the camp. Along with this, Schmooz implemented a campaign of engaging and fun graphics for the camp’s mostly ignored social media platforms. Because of this work, the camp was able to meet their goal of increasing their camper numbers.

As a small business, Schmooz understands the needs of other entrepreneurs. Your priority is growing your business, not social marketing. That’s where we come in! We’re there to guide you through a variety of digital communications and marketing services, consult on your best options and come up with a flexible and affordable solution.

Call us today, and let’s get Schmoozing! Email us at or give us a call at (416)-887-2772.

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