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Case Study: Language School Transitions From Print to Digital Marketing with the Help of Our Marketing Team!

February 21, 2017


Amir is the president and CEO of an ESL night school program for adults that run out of six major Canadian cities. The 14 classes offered run for 4 months two times per week and the school itself has 24 professors and has reached up to 138 students annually. Since Amir bought the company ten years ago, he has been able to revitalize its reputation, increase the annual earnings, and reach more non-English speakers and newcomers.


When Amir bought the company 10 years ago, all of the marketing efforts were done in print; marketing on social media wasn’t as ubiquitous for small businesses, and Amir didn’t see the pay-off in moving his outreach away from traditional marketing. However, in 2014, Amir was seeing his competitors thriving online, and the success of the company was stalling. He was growing increasingly concerned that his school wouldn’t be able to keep up, and didn’t have right skill sets within his staff to create a social media presence. While he was already using another marketing company, he felt that the content was boring and wasn’t doing anything for his brand.


Amir discussed his concerns with a friend, another small business owner, who recommended Schmooz. When Amir met with Schmooz, he was impressed by how confident and organized they were. What he saw as an insurmountable challenge, Schmooz saw as an opportunity. Amir hired Schmooz to do research and create recommendations which they compiled into a Comprehensive Strategy report. Outlined in this document were the best practices of Amir’s main competitors and recommendations for how to reach his school’s target audience and reach the specific goals that he set for his business, all while staying true to the school’s values and strengths.

After reading through the strategy, Amir was ready to jump into digital marketing head first. He asked Schmooz to move forward with all of their recommendations, which included regular strategic planning and implementation of content being released on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook advertising, three separate campus weekly blogs and monthly newsletters. Because of this online push to increase awareness and visibility of the school, class signups increased dramatically, and Amir was pleased to be in the position to need to hire new staff and increase class options. Schmooz and Amir have an amazing working relationship which includes regular work and off-the-cuff marketing opportunities to shake things up.


As a small business, Schmooz understands the needs of other entrepreneurs. Your priority is growing your business, not online social marketing. That’s where we come in! We’re there to guide you through a variety of social marketing services, consult on your best options and come up with a flexible and affordable solution.

Call us today, and let’s get Schmoozing! Email us at or give us a call at (416)-887-2772.

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