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Case Study: Dietitian Needed Part Time Help for Branding and Content Marketing!

February 9, 2017


Joanne is a registered dietitian who recently left a stable position at a Toronto hospital to work for herself. She is very driven and forward thinking, and while she was excited to leave behind a her old working environment to make her own dream job. Although she had never had to hustle for clients before, she was confident that her particular offering differed from other dietitians, and knew that once she got her stride she would have a successful venture.


Joanne didn’t know where to start. She had so many ideas and a vision of how she wanted everything to look, but knew that this was simply a starting place to create a plan to market herself online. She created a website, and used her Instagram to showcase her health and wellness opportunities, but knew that she needed to talk to an expert about how best move forward and implement.


When Joanne connected with Schmooz, she was full of amazing ideas, but wasn’t sure exactly what she needed. Schmooz put together an Informative Strategy report for Joanne, which detailed the steps that she should take as a new small business owner needing to grow her reputation and client base. Among these recommendations were a plan to create detailed and consistent branding for the website, Instagram and Facebook (including several options for colours and graphics).

Joanne loved the idea of taking some of Schmooz’s ideas and doing a lot of the content creation herself. Her strong design skills shone through when she used the recommended branding for social media graphics and wrote blog posts based on a creative brainstorming session and content calendar creation with the Schmooz team. When she wrote the blog posts she sent them to Schmooz who edited and optimized them in order to get the best possible organic SEO.

Rather than fishing for Joanne, Schmooz taught Joanne how to fish. Schmooz has an ongoing relationship with Joanne’s company, and regularly consults on new ideas, optimal timing for blog and digital releases, and other business opportunities.


As a small business, Schmooz understands the needs of other entrepreneurs. Your priority is growing your business, not digital marketing. That’s where we come in! We’re there to guide you through a variety of online marketing services, consult on your best options and come up with a flexible and affordable solution.

Call us today, and let’s get Schmoozing! Email us at or give us a call at (416)-887-2772.

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