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Case Study: Coffee Specialist Finds the Right Social Media Marketing Solution For Internal Team

February 7, 2017


Cynthia owns a booming coffee roastery business, offering cafes and food stores throughout Toronto specialty roasted beans for a fair price. Her sales team of certified coffee specialists visit their clients all over Southern Ontario to talk about the roasts, pairings and sell them new varieties. Cynthia loves what she does and is thrilled that her small company is growing rapidly!


As Cynthia watched her business grow, she recognized that her social media output needs some work. But she felt she didn’t have time to update Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and her YouTube channel, not to mention learn how to optimize the content she creates and market it to the right audiences. Cynthia wanted to focus on her passion – coffee and growing her business. So Cynthia called Schmooz!


Schmooz worked with Cynthia to formulate a plan for her social media marketing, including an overview of what her competitors were doing on social, what was working for them and what her company should do. The Schmooz plan was flexible and offered Cynthia solutions for all of her platforms. Executing the content was easy. All Cynthia had to do was approve the content and Schmooz took care of scheduling and posting!

After a month of consistent and engaging posts, one of Cynthia’s employees wanted to take a stab at social media marketing. Schmooz trained her employee to develop great content, optimize and schedule posts, as well as best practices for each platform.

Now Cynthia has an in-house social media marketing specialist and can focus on growing her business! Cynthia checks in with Schmooz every month to ensure that her social content is still optimized and working well to meet her company goals. We’ve helped guide her business to form an engaging social media content output that functions smoothly while Cynthia can focus on growing her business!


As a small business, Schmooz understands the needs of other entrepreneurs. Your priority is growing your business, not online marketing. That’s where we come in! We’re there to guide you through a variety of online social marketing services, consult on your best options and come up with a flexible and affordable solution.

Call us today, and let’s get Schmoozing! Email us at or give us a call at (416)-887-2772.

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