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4 Things I Learned While Running My Own Business in 2015

December 14, 2015

“So Zoe, what’s next for you and Schmooz Media? What are your plans?”

It’s a natural question, and one that I ask myself frequently. It’s also a question I’m excited to talk about, but before I get ahead of myself, as I so often do, I wanted to share with you what I learned in 2015. It’s been a big year for me- celebrating a year in business, buying and renovating a home, and adopting a puppy. So before we plunge forward into 2016, I wanted to take the time to write down what I want to remember. Perhaps, they’ll be things you can learn from or relate to as well.

1. You Know That Thing You Haven’t Done Yet…Do It Now! It’s probably a little bit boring to you, and maybe a little bit hard. Even the best of us get lazy or lose motivation, but now, when I see an item lag on my “to do” list a little bit too long, I know it’s time to do it first! My yoga instructor of days past would say to me: “Zoe, you hate that pose? That’s the one you need to practice most.” She couldn’t have been more on point- for the things I just don’t love doing…I have to do them first. It’s not all fun and games.

Alternatively, you can hire someone else to help you with the things you hate so you can focus on what you’re great at and what makes you passionate. However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking this means your problem is gone…instead, now you have to manage it in a new way. Moreover, hiring someone is not always a realistic option though, so #1 stands!

2. It Sounds Cheesy, But Find Your Passion: Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by what makes you feel passionately…and by the way, it doesn’t have to be your job. I am passionate about helping to build sustainable businesses, supporting small businesses and different models of success…but I am also passionate about my family and home. Living life according to my own rules has freed me to enjoy my life more.

3. Don’t Make Your Rules Ones That Will Hurt You: There is one caveat to making your own rules that you must remember, and this one I am challenged by…a little struggle, fear and stress can push you to succeed, but if you create a set of rules in which you cannot laugh at yourself, be happy or enjoy life…you need to check yourself. Step back and ask what you really want you legacy to be. Dream about the Big Picture, but then make an attainable SMART goals for today.


 4. Ask For Help…and Take A Little Risk: I’m not saying you should make a big financial decision hastily or that you should trust anyone with your business or personal life planning, but asking for support doesn’t make your success less legitimate. Hire a bookkeeper, try a DIY project, and contact a professor you haven’t spoken to in 4 years, or even… give up on a project that isn’t going anywhere. You don’t have to do it all alone…and in my experience, being stubborn about a decision you made 6 months ago is often when you make the biggest mistakes.

I’m looking forward to revisiting this blog myself on the days where I lose sight of my progress and my growth. I hope you can use it too. Now business owners, DIYers and all of you fabulous readers, I’d love to hear from you…

what did you learn

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