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3 Reasons Schmooz is Proud to Have Share Lawyers as a Gold Sponsor

July 16, 2019

For over 30 years Share Lawyers has been fighting insurance companies for the long term disability benefits of their clients. Share understands that it can feel daunting going up against a large insurance company for the benefits you’re rightfully owed. That’s why they have made it their mission over the past three decades to help their clients with compassion and understanding. Below are the 3 reasons Schmooz is thrilled to welcome Share Lawyers as a Gold Sponsor for our 5th Anniversary Party. (If you were wondering, entrepreneurship runs in Zoe’s blood – Share Lawyers co-founders Wendy and David are her parents!)

1. The Share Law Guarantee

Share Lawyers are passionate about providing the best possible service they can for their clients, which is why they came up with the Share Law Guarantee. This guarantee lays out the values by which the entire firm operates. For starters, they recognize that anyone struggling to get their long-term disability approved may also be struggling financially, especially if they have already been forced to take a break from work without financial support. That is why Share Lawyers does not collect any upfront fees. They only get paid when they win your case.

The guarantee also clearly lays out their commitment to communication (every client is assigned a client services lawyer who is available to answer their questions), empathy (they pledge to treat everyone with professional respect and courtesy), and experience (Share Lawyers brings 30 years of experience in winning cases against private insurance companies.)

2. Free resources

Share Lawyers is committed to helping as many people as they can. This is why they provide an enormous amount of free resources on their website to both clients and non-clients alike. Do you have a question about how disability claims work? Have a look at Ask a Lawyer where questions such as “What Is A Lump Sum Settlement?” and “Is Addiction A Disability?” are answered. If you’re looking for more local resources, Share Lawyers has lists of community, legal, and mental health resources for various areas across Canada.   

3. Their clients love them

Here are just a few of the amazing things Share Lawyers clients have to say about them:

“I was denied Long Term Disability and I took the first step in looking for legal aid. Share Lawyers were recommended to me and the staff took care of all the paperwork, doctors’ reports, and all that hassle, which allowed me to focus on my recovery. My lawyers took all the stress off of me during mediation. Highly recommended to anyone denied disability.” — Daniel B.

“I just want to thank Share Lawyers for all of their help when it felt like no one else would give me the time of day. [My lawyer] was very understanding and provided comforting guidance along the way.”  — Derek S.

Share Lawyers completely exceeded my expectations in both how they handled and resolved my case. They were extremely professional, very polite, had great communication and were very empathetic and respectful of my situation. I would like to say thank you Share Lawyers for doing an amazing job. I am thrilled with the outcome and now I can focus my energy on getting better. — Jamie-Leigh B.

These reasons and more are why we’re so proud to be welcoming Share Lawyers as a gold sponsor to the Schmooz 5th Anniversary Party. We’re looking forward to seeing you there in a few short days on July 18th!

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