About Us

We believe in building brands from strong ideas and honest roots. With that said, we ensure that each part of your brand — big and small — is essential, and ties into a flexible, harmonious, and enduring system that works for you and your audience.

Why Schmooz Gets It

We understand the demands of a business – financial, monitoring competition, managing employees, and finding the time to get it all done. How do we know? Schmooz is a small business and faces the same challenges. We are excited to build a relationship with you, and enjoy seeing the results of our combined efforts.

Who's Behind Schmooz?
Chief Executive Schmoozer
Zoe Share

The company was founded in 2014 by Chief Executive Schmoozer Zoë Share after she completed her Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology program at the University of Waterloo.

Prior to founding Schmooz, Zoe was a classroom teacher. She graduated from the University of Toronto with both a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Education. Her love of language, learning and connecting people and ideas was matched by her passion for business, transparency and best practices.

Susan Stover
Noah Taylor
Andrew Powell

Zoe and the Schmooz Team are inspired by companies with heart who need help communicating their message to internal employees and to the external community through social media, in person and online communications and through educational training.
We also wanted to send our love to the Schmoozers who are, or work for, our clients. Whether you work directly with us, or we work with you side by side, it is collaboration that makes our service strong!

What They Say About Us

“As a result of Zoe’s knowledge, conscientiousness and diligence, our schools reach on media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has grown immensely. Zoe has been steward of our new Blog site… That includes editing and packaging blog content for optimal marketing use. Thanks to Zoe’s initiative, energy and enthusiasm, the school community has cultivated a buzz of excitement around the various social media employed in our communication. She has our endorsement and confidence that she would enhance any business and institutional marketing effort.”

- D.B., Director of Communications, Private School GTA

“Zoe is a queen of efficiency!”

- T.H., Client

“Zoe consistently provided insightful suggestions on how to gain traction through social media strategies and engage our target audience. A fantastic social media and communications consultant for any small to mid-size business.”

- Arianne Flemming, HeadAhead

“Working with Zoe, you get a clear sense that she puts in a lot of intent and thought into all that she does. Mediocre is a word that is non-existent in her vocabulary as she is constantly striving to go beyond what is expected of her. Being a strong communicator, she lends herself to be an invaluable and dedicated team player, whom by her passion and work ethic alone sets the bar high for the rest of the team as well.”

- Kevin Jae Won Lee
Interaction Designer, Vetica Interactive, Inc.

“When you work with Zoë Share, you are guaranteed service that is professional, organized, and of excellent quality. She communicates exceptionally well with her collaborators; she is an attentive listener and makes sure to follow up so that everyone is on the same page. She is dedicated, hardworking, and enthusiastic. I have no hesitation in recommending Schmooz to any small business that is looking to improve their marketing efforts and results.”

- J.G., Client

“It was a pleasure working with Zoe and the Schmooz Media team, from their energy and professionalism to their thorough research and analysis. As a small business with a finite marketing budget, their Report was comprehensive and valuable, providing objective feedback with actionable items to help grow my online presence. Look forward to working with the Schmooz team again!”

- Leroy Lo, Founder & CEO, Peacock Living